Saturday, August 28, 2010


Today it was confirmed, Die Beauty will be released and have world premiere on the frontpage of The Pirate Bay. This is big. This is going to be fun. Thank you dear Hanna and Nasty Old People for guiding me and Die Beauty in the jungle of distribution.

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  1. To whom it may concern:

    Our current media distribution system is a “push” based system whereby the general public is told what movies to watch and picks from that list. A push based system allows for the public to be made aware of the top grossing movies only. It doesn't make sense to advertise lower-grossing movies without a general appeal since it is hard to cost-effectively market to niches.

    Unfortunately this means that all high-budget movies are tailored for what may improve their chances within the general market. Since my tastes fall outside that of the general market there are very few movies made with me in mind. There may be enough like-minded people to sustain a movie industry segment aimed at us but the current distribution system does not allow for it.

    This is why distribution systems such as The Pirate Bay are so vital. These are “pull” systems. In a pull based system I can find and support niche movies such as Die Beauty. This is because I seek out movies to my taste instead of choosing from the list I was presented by advertisers.

    Hopefully more people will begin to use these pull based systems and eventually there will be a sizable demand for movies in hundreds of niches. This will ultimately benefit the consumer greatly because there will be a number of movies made for a variety of personal tastes instead of just the tastes of the average consumer.

    In the meantime thank you for producing a movie aimed at me. Very few do and I am thankful for every one.

    Keep up the good work,